Married But Lonely; The Hardships Of Being Married To A Soldier

Living a married life is not easy, this is because married couples will always experience challenges in their lives, which they have to work together, in order to surpass it gracefully, to make sure that the issues will not hurt the family. Unfortunately, not all couples end up like this. Many couples are married but lonely which leads them to separation. But did you know that the hardship of maintaining a happy marriage is doubled when you are married with a soldier?

If you are married with a soldier, the issues are doubled. Here, you will always feel married and alone most of the time because your spouse will have to leave home for months or even years, serving the country by protecting it from harm. The thing here is – our soldiers are not just stationed in bases that are close to home. In fact, there will always be a time when your spouse will have to leave the country, and be thousands of miles away from you. When this happens, you cannot help thinking if your spouse is still loyal to you, especially when reading about stories about married men and single women engaging with each other in an extra marital affair.

Wives of soldiers are said to be lonely women, which is obviously not surprising to know because these women are like living their own lives with their children alone, and not with their husbands for most of the time. So if you are complaining about living in a lonely marriage, think of the wives of our soldiers and compare your life to them.

Being married but lonely is very easy when you are married to a soldier, because you end up doing everything on your own. There will also be times when you need a shoulder to cry on, but find yourself having no one, because your partner is not home. This is also one of the reasons why women start dating while married because they are longing for the attention that they are not getting from their husband.

One more thing that makes it very hard to be a wife of a soldier is that you always end up worrying. Of course, you will worry! Your husband is sent to a war zone where anything can happen at any given time. When your husband leaves home, there is no assurance that he is coming back in good shape, or worst – in one piece and alive.

It is really hard to be a wife to a soldier because all of the trials and hardships will be thrown at you, and if you are not tough enough, your marriage will end up to a divorce. If you are married but lonely because your spouse is a soldier who fights for the country and often missing at home, try do pacify yourself and stop worrying about things that are not happening yet. Pray that everything will be okay, while your spouse is out there, and always hope that when he comes back, everything will be back to normal once again.

Is World War 3 Happening Soon?

We all know what happened during the World War I and II. Not that we’ve experienced it, but we’ve read of it, and I am sure that none of us would like the idea of experiencing it firsthand. But haven’t you noticed what is happening around us lately? I myself is starting to question the world, because with every terrorism attack happening here and there, and the war that is currently happening between Israel and Palestine right now, it is not hard for me to ask myself if World War 3 is going to happen very soon.

I admit that I am scared and worried. I don’t want me nor my kids experience world war. I think regardless of what country you are in, whether you have the best army who will protect you, everyone is still at risk, and everyone will always have a slim chance of survival.

That being said, I myself is already thinking of what to do, in case World War 3 happens. I know I might sound off to some, but at least, I am trying to prepare myself for the possibility.

If you want yourself and your family to be safe should world war 3 come, then you might first want to assess your country. If you think that your country is going to be affected by the war, which is likely for countries who will act as combatants, then the first thing that you would like to do is to relocate. Check out low populated areas in your country where you and your family can hide. That way, people will not know that you and your family are living there. You can also relocate in another country, just make sure that the country you are relocating too is also safe from attacks.

If you are starting to see real and clear signs of war, then what you want to do is to prepare for your urgent needs. This may include food, water, and clothing. You might also want to keep enough money, which you know you can use when the time comes. Prepare your supplies ahead of time, because you do not want to join the people from panic buying. You also have to prepare medications and things that will protect you from radiations, which can happen during the war.

Stay away from military bases. Keep in mind that military bases are always at risk of attacks, whether it is by foot or by missiles.

Lastly, at least try to learn a foreign language, especially languages that you think is spoken by the victorious people of the war. That way, you can save yourself and your family from being killed or put as slaves because you have a use for these people, like being an interpreter for them or so.

These are the different ways that you can do, if you want to survive world war 3. Again, there is nothing wrong if you want to prepare early. At least you know that you have an edge.

How Can War Affect Lives Of People?

A typical war can last for years; it can be 10, 20 or even more! But in reality, the effects of war can last for a lifetime. This is true especially for people who experienced the war themselves, and was part of the run, just to save his or her life.

I have not experienced being in a war zone. I am very thankful for that. But I have an idea of what its like being in a war, especially now when it is very easy for the media to increase awareness online, showing what really people feel and experience when their country is at war.

Just yesterday, I read a horrifying article about a photo journalist who apparently have been abducted first by a terrorist group called ISIS, and beheaded. The beheading was captured in video, which I can’t bear to watch. This particular content is very something that will bother me for sure. Then I suddenly thought of the feelings of the family of this person who was beheaded by a terrorist. I can just imagine how painful it can be for them seeing their loved one killed in the most painful way, and worst – this person is very helpless and can’t do anything about it, so he just waited for death to come.

This situation is a clear example that war and terrorism can create a lifelong effect. In fact, even the next generation of people within the family will bring this hatred and fear, which cannot be erased in such a short time.

Another negative effect of war can be seen from the soldiers and the family of every soldier. How many wives cry whenever their husband needs to leave the house to serve the country? How many wives suffer from deep depression due to constantly worrying if their husband will come home safe? How many mothers of soldiers cried as they welcome their sons in caskets after being killed in a war? How many people suffer from sorrow and pain, because they do not know if their loved one will still come home?

Being a soldier of war is a very humble task that a person can accept. This is why we always give gratitude to these people, who are selfless and ready to give their lives for the country. I think the same level of gratitude should be given to the families of the soldiers, because they also took part in giving what they can give, for the betterment of the country.

If you will ask the people who have experienced war and what are the effects of it to them, I can be sure that they won’t be able to pinpoint everything, because every single minute of the experience is something that no words can explain.

Its more than the traumatic experience, it is more than suffering emotional, it is more than the pain that the physical body can take, it more than words that these people cannot explain.

What’s Happening In The World Today?

Due to kind of technology we have today, it is not very hard for us to know what is happening not just in our country, but in all parts of the world. Turn on the TV, and you will instantly see what is happening in another country. Turn on your computer and connect to the net, and read the current news and events on what is happening as well.

The only sad thing about the current news of today is that all you will see is about countries fighting one another for what? For money and for power. This is what is happening right now, especially between Israel and Egypt. What is very alarming too is that you are seeing pictures of innocent people (including very young kids) hurt and killed because of bombings and strikes. Is it really worth it?

As a matter of fact, I have already asked my daughter to stop checking facebook for a while because even the news feed of facebook shows very alarming pictures that I know will cause negative effects to my child’s mind.

Our technology today became a very vital tool to increase awareness on what is happening to the world today. While this can be somewhat positive, as a parent like me, I think some people are overly using that advantage. I mean, every person who will see pictures or read articles about war will always be entitled to his or her own opinion. They can judge without even knowing the truth, which I think is going to add more to the damage.

Due to the exposed, unmasked, and the freedom of people sharing content over the internet, parents should always be extra careful when allowing their children to use the internet, because I always believe that reading content found in the internet will always require critical thinking. The thing is – critical thinking is often mastered as you age.

However, I am not saying also that you have to ban your child from using the internet. It is also good for them to be aware, but you as his or her parent should always be there to guide your child, so that it will be easy for him or her to understand what is happening.

For instance, Yahoo news and Google News often show content on what is happening between Israel and Palestine. Most content related to this will show violence not just between the two groups, but also when it comes to the poor civilians who are being used as human shields. When this type of content is presented to someone who is not yet mentally and intellectually equipped, this information can easily pollute his mind.

What is happening between Israel and Palestine is just one example that is constantly being talked about online. In fact, even some of the most popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become a favorite spot of people related content of the said war between Israel and Palestine.

Very Alarming Truth: War Men Use Civilians For Human Shield

Terrorism is one of the biggest problems of our society these days. In fact, it may be considered as the most hurting truth to all humanity, because it is not only the two groups affected here, but even civilians consisting of innocent people young and old. This is what is happening in the war between Israel and Palestine right now.

Just to play it safe, I am writing without mentioning any sides. The thing with war and terrorism right now is that combatants are using human shields to protect them from unknown strikes, which puts the lives of innocent people in real and great danger.

For example, a group stations their base at highly populated areas near schools, neighborhoods, or even the church where they manage their weapons and other things for war, thinking that the other group will not launch an attack due to the fear of killing innocent people who are just nearby. Aside from stationing near populated areas, combatants also use people to shield their own private homes deliberately to stay safe during war. Combatants scatter themselves in houses of innocent civilians because they know that they will be safe from surprise attacks.

The thing when it comes to human shield is that the innocent people cannot do anything about it. If they refuse to agree, they will be killed. If they accept the combatants in their homes, their lives will be at risk, because there will always be a time when the opposition will have no choice but to launch an attack, regardless if there are innocent people who will be killed. The idea is to just think of the betterment of the majority, where it is better to put the lives of some at risk, to save many.

Combatants using human shield will always have the advantage, which makes terrorism so hard to beat. Why? Let’s say the opposition is planning to launch an attack, and they send alerts to people who live in the area where the attack will take place; what will happen is that instead of just ensuring the safety of the innocent lives, they are also sending the same alerts and signals to the terrorists so they themselves will be able to flee the area to save their lives as well.

That being said, the activity will just continue. The terrorists will just relocate together with the innocent human shields, continuing what they want to do. As long as human shields are used, it will always be a challenge to beat this long time issue in our society.

The issue about human shield is very alarming already. If you will read the news about the war between Israel and Palestine, you will see how one group (not mentioning the name) sending children on top of the building, whenever they know that missiles are set to strike them any time. Imagine that? Such cruelty is happening, and as long as terrorism is not combated, this cruel activity will continue.